MBA Joint Programs

1. How do I get additional information about the MBA program?

PharmD or DMD students who are interested in the joint program should e-mail or contact the MBA Admissions and Enrollment office at 702-968-1661 for more information.

2. Do I need a separate MBA program application?


3. Is the Roseman MBA Program for joint program students using the same class hours and the block system philosophy as the health science programs?


4. Do students take their health science and MBA classes at the same time?

No. In general, joint program students enrolled in the MBA program use their summer remediation times to take their MBA courses (if not remediating in their primary program). Students can only take one course at a time and this helps to ensure students’ success. Also, during the period assigned by the primary programs, joint program enrollees can take MBA courses.

5. Are there tuition and fee savings in enrolling in both programs?

Yes. Enrolling in both programs may allow students to use some MBA courses to satisfy electives and/or vice versa, and to save on certain fees (student body fees, technology fees, etc.)

Call us:
702-968-1661 (Nevada)
801-878-1111 (Utah)

Or stop by or write to us:

Roseman University of Health Sciences
Attn: MBA Program
4 Sunest Way, Building E
Henderson, NV 89014

6. How much will the MBA program cost?

The tuition is very competitive because some MBA electives may be satisfied by courses taken in the primary program.  However, a minimum of 30 credits is needed to complete the MBA requirements.  Additional information (including tuition by credit) is available by contacting us:

Or visit:

7. How do I apply?

Applying is as simple as completing an online application with a $50 application fee. Your application will authorize the College of Pharmacy or College of Dental Medicine (DMD) to provide the MBA Program with copies of your transcript and other information.

8. Is an undergraduate degree required for admission?

For joint program students, the requirement to have an undergraduate degree prior to their enrollment is waived, because they will be awarded the health sciences degree before the MBA.

9. Can I still enroll in a joint program degree if I am a student at the Utah campus?

Yes. The MBA Program is available to students at both campuses. Although the course schedules are different, all the requirements and courses are the same for Henderson, Nevada and South Jordan, Utah.

10. What other information does one need to know?

The Roseman MBA Program was designed primarily to serve aspiring healthcare professionals, especially Roseman students in the College of Pharmacy, Dental Medicine and Nursing. The Roseman MBA Program is healthcare-focused and committed to students’ success and professional development.

11. Suppose I have a remediation in my primary program and can’t take scheduled MBA classes, can I still continue and earn the MBA after graduating from my primary program?

Yes. However, only some outstanding MBA courses may be completed online at Roseman and others approved for completion and transfer from a regionally accredited university.