Whether you are a College of Pharmacy or College of Dental Medicine student enrolled in the dual degree program (PharmD/MBA, AEODO/MBA) you have wisely expanded your career opportunities. Pharmacy and Dental students AEODO residents can earn an MBA with their chosen healthcare degree program.

The programs consist of identical core courses which are delivered by the same experienced faculty. The MBA Program prepares you for senior management positions with profit-making enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and for starting and succeeding in your own business.

In addition to decades of management experience in multiple industries, your MBA faculty members are excellent teachers with doctorates and other advanced degrees. They combine real-world experience with theoretical and research-based knowledge gained from advanced academic preparation.

The MBA faculty will be involved in helping you succeed, and they are committed to developing and delivering a graduate business education that is interesting, stimulating and relevant. Roseman MBA graduates are trained with strong leadership, entrepreneurial, and communication skills and are equipped with in-depth knowledge of business. The Roseman MBA education broadens career opportunities and increases the earning potential of its graduates.

The Roseman MBA education will:

  • Develop leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and business knowledge: The MBA program provides the business knowledge and develops the entrepreneurial and leadership skills to prepare you for a successful management career.
    Provide broader career opportunities: The MBA degree gives graduates more advancement opportunities.
  • Save time: For dual-degree students (PharmD, DMD and Ortho), the program is designed to take advantage of efficiencies of the block system. Pharmacy and DMD students attend MBA classes during summer remediation (if not remediating in their primary program) and rotation times. Information on the timeline for combined AEODO/MBA program is available through the orthodontic program.
  • Increase earning potential: MBA allows you to increase your earning potential through personal and interpersonal skills development and expanded career opportunities.

MBA Program Mission

The Mission of the Roseman University of Health Sciences’ Master of Business Administration Program is to prepare graduates to be competent business professionals, responsible leaders, entrepreneurial managers and effective communicators.

Program’s Learning Objectives and Processes

All required core program courses will contain the following learning objectives and learning processes, in addition to course-specific objectives and learning processes.

Students will demonstrate how they:

  • Understand and apply management-based, analytical, and problem-solving knowledge and skills
  • Build productive teams and work collaboratively with others to achieve excellent results
  • Communicate effectively in writing, speak persuasively, and work well with others
  • Apply course content to individual entrepreneurial projects
  • Understand a company and its related industry
  • Participate in shared learning processes

The learning process is interactive:

  • The courses are primarily interactive and emphasize discussion of assigned readings in the text, assigned case studies as well as business-related events appearing in prominent business journals and newspapers.
  • The instructor leads a class discussion of the homework material and problems that the students are assigned to complete, using active learning strategies to reinforce and help students retain the information.
  • Students present, assess and revise assigned case analyses in small groups as the Instructor rotates among groups.
  • Selected students present and lead case discussions for the entire class. The Instructor moderates the discussion, assesses performance of presenters, and reinforces key concepts.
  • Students apply course content to their individual entrepreneurial projects.
  • Students select a company to study and develop a deep understanding of the company and its related industry.