Statistics show that professionals experience an increase in salary after completing an MBA, as much as twice that of a regular university degree.   In addition, graduates typically obtain and hold high level management positions.  Management knowledge and leadership skills have become increasingly important in today’s economic environment.  Knowledge of decision-making, leadership creativity & innovation, marketing, accounting and finance and other skills gained in an MBA program are in high demand.  An MBA provides a competitive edge to achieve professional and career success.  The challenging and inspiring Roseman MBA program, accredited by the IACBE, synthesizes practice with theory and offers the following:

  • Achievement of a Focused and Integrated Study Across Business Disciplines with a Healthcare Industry focus
  • Development of Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  • Improvement of Communication Skills
  • Enhancement of Work Performance
  • An Opportunity to Solve Work-related Real-world Problems
  • Provide Career Development Opportunities
  • Develop Entrepreneurial Skills.