Since our founding in 1999, Roseman University of Health Sciences has proudly developed and offered degree programs that fulfill the needs of our communities. Like at all colleges and universities across the country, there comes a time when certain degree programs are no longer in demand and important decisions must be made.

In FY 2018-2019, Roseman convened a Task Force to evaluate the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, considering many factors, including current pathways, its relevance to today’s joint-program Roseman students, challenges in delivering the curriculum, declining enrollment and completion trends, and macro trends in the higher education landscape. Smaller Task Force subgroups were formed to more closely assess each of the pathways, including AEODO/MBA, DMD/MBA and PharmD/MBA. The subgroups’ analysis was informed by peer-reviewed research, trend analysis and one-on-one interviews and surveys with current joint-program students and alumni.

In a report prepared for Roseman’s Board of Trustees that provided a detailed analysis of the above factors, the Task Force concluded that continuing the MBA program was not viable. Following careful review and consideration of the Task Force’s assessment and recommendation, in May the Board of Trustees voted to discontinue the MBA program. The teach out of the currently enrolled PharmD and DMD students, and AEODO residents will be completed by June 2022.  The final AEODO cohort (starting July 2021) who will also be required to earn the MBA degree will complete the program by the targeted teach-out date, June 2022.  Going forward, the University may pursue the creation of certificate programs that may contain elements of business-related coursework as potential new offerings for Roseman students.

Currently Enrolled Students

High priority has been placed on enabling currently enrolled students to complete the MBA program without sacrificing or compromising the program’s academic requirements, required blocks/courses, and standards of rigor of the program. In order to earn the MBA degree, all coursework requirements and minimum credit hour requirements for the degree must be completed by June 2022. A schedule of blocks/courses for specific cohorts (AEODO/MBA, DMD/MBA and PharmD/MBA) are available upon request.  Please contact the MBA program.

PharmD/MBA and DMD/MBA graduates who have not completed the requirements of the MBA program

Roseman joint-program graduates who have MBA blocks/courses outstanding may re-enroll and complete those blocks/courses in-person or online, as scheduled. A schedule of available blocks/courses can be found online here All MBA blocks/courses must be completed by the targeted teach-out date, June 2022.

Students who are unable to attend available MBA blocks/courses offered at Roseman to meet graduation requirements may request a pre-approved course list and transfer guide, or request approval to complete those courses at another selected institution. Please consult with the MBA program and request for the course transfer guide to ensure courses at other institutions meet Roseman MBA block/course requirements and for the process for submitting completed course grades/credits to Roseman to be applied towards degree completion.

 MBA Alumni

The MBA program is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The MBA degree earned previously and following the teach out of the program will remain valid.

If you have program related questions or need more information, please send email to: or write to MBA Program, 11 Sunset Way, Henderson, NV 89014 or call 702-968-1661 or 702-968-1663 (NV) or MBA Program 10920 S. River Front Parkway, South Jordan, UT or call 801-878-1038 (UT).